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Medical practice consultant Jeff Denning

Jeffrey J. Denning (Retired 2013)

Jeffrey J. Denning completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Management at San Diego State University in 1971 and spent his first five years in clinic administration and accounting and tax practice in California and Texas. Mr. Denning served as controller and then CEO of Pacific Professional Management Corporation, a management services organization (MSO) for dental practices in the mid 1970s. He was also president and board chairman of Health Benefits Incorporated, a Knox-Keene Health Plan Act corporation (HMO) at that same time. Mr. Denning then entered the private practice of management consulting in 1976 working with independent professional practices in both the U.S. and Australia.

Since entering the field Mr. Denning has worked in a consulting capacity throughout the nation with hundreds practices all over the US and Australia. His client reference list numbers more than 850 physicians in 30 states of the US since 1978. He has presented more than 1,000 workshops, seminars and speaking engagements in the United States and Australia, sponsored by more than forty state, county and specialty medical and dental society organizations as well as the California CPA Foundation for Education and Research. Mr. Denning has written more than 400 articles on medical practice management as editor of UnCommon Sense®, a leading subscription newsletter of management strategy and tactics for physicians. He is a Contributing Editor to Managed Care Magazine.