Practice Performance Group

Management Consulting and Continuing Education for Physicians

Our Clients

"Practice Performance Group has been a godsend, and not only thanks to their very thorough initial evaluation and recommendations for my practice. The years of careful follow-up and excellent expert advice always just a telephone call away have been indispensable."
Kathryn Moyer, MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Santa Monica, California

"Like a good antibiotic, Practice Performance Group is always there when the chronic, recurring infection comes back. We have used you on at least three occasions and you have always been most helpful at solving our practice problems. I guess that's better than a good antibiotic, because the problems don't seem to become immune. We are most grateful for all of your work."
Michael P. Pacin, MD
Allergy & Asthma Associates of South Florida, PA
Miami, Florida

"Your services and advice helped get our practice started on the road to modernization. With your organizational help we are now in an excellent position to deal with the vast changes in medicine: managed care, decreased reimbursement and so forth. Your willingness to consult over the phone, long after your last visit to our practice, is greatly appreciated. I enthusiastically recommend your consulting group to any medical practice struggling to survive in today's difficult climate."
Louis N. Weckstein, MD
Bay Area Fertility Medical Group
San Ramon, California

"Your assessment of our practice in 1993 was very helpful and enabled us to manage our practice better. We also get many helpful ideas from your monthly newsletter, UnCommon Sense®."
Gordon Peacock, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology
San Francisco, California

"Jeffrey Denning and Judy Bee, individually and jointly, have given me, many times, excellent advice regarding practice management issues. Their assistance was very helpful in my relocation from the East Coast to California."
Peter Bela Fodor, MD, FACS
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Los Angeles, California

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your consultation several years ago. Since that time, our group practice, which was on the brink of disintegration, has thrived."
William M. Heston III, MD
Orthopedic Surgery Associates, PC
Ypsilanti, Michigan

"I have appreciated your level-headed advice in both my private and academic practice for many years."
Allen Gustafson, MD
Loma Linda University, Dep't. of Orthopedics
Redlands, California

"I have relied on your counsel at least twice in the last ten years, and each time you have come to my practice I took many good pieces of information from the meetings. You helped me to make decisions about changes to be made, but also reaffirmed that we were doing some things right. I appreciate your availability on the telephone after the job is done as well as your candor. I wouldn't think of asking anyone else and plan to use your group in the future if the need arises."
Michael S. Cann, MD
Verdugo Orthopedic Medical Group
Glendale, California

"I have always made a practice of attending conferences regarding the business of medicine. I have found your seminars the most useful of all. Likewise, your private consultations have been of enormous help in the growth and development of my practice. Thank you for being there."
Fred Blackwell, MD
Medical Group at City Center, Inc
Oakland, California

"Your consultation was truly valuable. Thanks for coming to visit."
Roger P. Haglund, MD
Tulsa Urologic Clinic, Inc.
Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Thank you for your continuing guidance and support throughout the last four years. Your diligence, expertise, and frankness have been very helpful in managing the problems within my medical practice. I especially appreciate your willingness to receive calls and discuss problems at the drop of a hat."
Michael J. Dunn, MD, FACP
Internal Medicine
Omaha, Nebraska

"I always have felt incredibly grateful that we could rely on your expertise and guidance to help us set up our ob-gyn practice. Your presence was like a life preserver in a stormy ocean. We appreciate your warm manner, constructive and practical suggestions and excellent trouble shooting. Fourth year med students should do a sub-internship with you-it's vital to their future success."
Neeta Ambe-Crain, MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Westlake Village, California

"I highly recommend Judy Bee as a management consultant. She has helped our group through two different mergers by evaluating and reorganizing our staff. She is able to solve problems quickly and efficiently and has always been available for any follow-up."
Richard A. Shapiro, MD
San Fernando Valley Urological Assoc. Medical Group, Inc.
Tarzana, California