Practice Performance Group

Management Consulting and Continuing Education for Physicians

What our Alumni Say

"Finally, some perspective and relief from the fear tactics and near hysteria of managed care companies and their perpetrated myths. Very practical program."

George W. Koss, DO
Federal Way, Washington

"I am new at billing and was skeptical about coming. I was afraid technical jargon would be overwhelming . . . It was not so. The information I acquired will help my job 100%."

Kama Gregonis
San Luis Obispo, CA

"[This] conference started a process of practice improvement that will go on for years. The emphasis was on quality of care and job satisfaction, not just the bottom line."

Ron Jones, MD
Olympia, Washington

"Coming across the bay for a 1/2 day seminar was very unappealing and I wanted out of the commitment up to the day of the meeting. I am very happy I followed through. I walk away with superior knowledge."

Terry Landaeta
Oakland, CA

"Great nuts & bolts! Thanks for not spending an hour on the history of health care."

Bruce West
Seattle, Washington

"Great! A must for all doctors' offices."

J. F. Walter, MD
La Jolla CA

"Judy was clear, concise, and very up-beat. Time went by fast and all information was relevant."

Trudy Blake
West Hollywood

"The quality of the examples is superior. Best seminar I have attended in years."

Mike Arehart
Wenatchee, Washington

"Concise and to the point. I am a CPA and . . . I learned some very useful rules of thumb that I can immediately implement."

William M. Comer, Jr, CPA
Charlotte, NC

"The presenter was extremely well informed, intelligent, energetic and had the ability to make the material exciting and entertaining. I sure didn't think I'd learn and laugh. Thank you!"

Vickie Hershey
Spokane, Washington

"Most useful and practical/ Will help improve practice income from reduction of write-offs."

A. Sanadisavi, MD
General Surgeon
Riverside, CA

"[Jeff Denning's] presentation, humor and personality makes it so much easier to learn and absorb the information. Great job!!"

Deborah Wood
Torrance, CA

"Thank you for one of the most knowledgeable and beneficial seminars I have attended. Th information provided will make my job easier and guarantee the practice additional monies owed. The information is spectacular."

Kathy Knuehman
Los Angeles, CA

"The insurance companies have established new records in changing their policies and reducing benefits. Judy Bee removes the load of trying to keep up with them from my shoulders. My time is better spent benefiting from her concentrated learning in short periods and attending to my practice."

Kirk M. Rosefielde-Keller
Santa Monica CA

"This seminar was excellent. First one I haven't left early!"

Angie Evanko
San Diego

"One of the most informative and well presented seminars I've attended in the past 10 years. Well worth the fee."

Cynthia Montgomry
San Diego

"The dynamics of Jeff Denning and the abundance of information received at the seminar really helped me since I am new to the medical field."

Pamela Tedford
Redondo Beach, CA

"Consistent and to the point. This session motivated me to conquer payment rejections. Just splendid."

Bettinna Signori
Chicago, IL

"Judy's practical examples [were] extremely useful. Am anxious to begin application of the methods suggested."

Nita Stabo
Milwaukee, WI